3 Surface Mounted LED Ideas for Commercial Projects!

LED lights now have made a prominent presence in the commercial spaces. From new hotels to galleries to offices, all kinds of commercial ventures are fast adopting modular LED lights.

Today, we are discussing 3 Surface Mounted linear light ideas for commercial projects. Surface-mounted LED lights are all the rage in the commercial landscape today due to their refreshing designs. They work well in terms of illumination while maintaining a modern tone for professional areas.

If you’re wondering what kind of LED lights you should go for your next project, this design should surely make it to your list. Let’s see some of the top ideas for commercial spaces.

LUS 725

LUS 725 provided by Lussio Lighting is the first choice for extreme environments including mining sites, chemical plants, warehouses, factories, underground tunnels, exterior locations etc.

It features an industrial-grade linear LED light fixture constructed from stainless steel. The design helps the LED lights protected from wear-and-tear, rendering them durable for a long time to come. The design is suitable for installation into tight spaces and creates a strong aesthetic feel.

You can pick from 4 pre-existing colors or choose a custom color that you like. The length of the fixture can also be customized.

LUS 368

LUS 368 has a similar design ideology but with a cuboidal design that fits well with minimal settings. It can be used for all kinds of modern workspaces, hallways, dining areas and outhouses. The sturdy design is capable of handling fatigue.

Most modern offices that are being modernized these days go for models like the LUS 368 due to its surface mounted design. You can stick it up high along the ceiling or let it run by the floor. Whatever your lighting architecture is, this model accommodates well.

VRX LED 40W – CRI 90 – 110lm/W to CREE SMD LED 48W – CRI 92 – 130lm/W light source configurations are available for this model.

LUS 703R

This model features a linear light fixture that thinner than the other models in this series. It’s lightweight and can be used in combination with other lighting fixtures to provide ample light for your project.

The design takes inspiration from professional environments that are not intended to be too flashy. The simplistic design of the fixture suits modern offices and cafes. At the core, you can choose different diffuser types and dimming protocols to fully customize it as per your environment.