Lussio’s range of linear luminaire systems stand out for their extensive selection and exceptional quality. With a diverse range of extrusion profiles to choose from, customers can find the perfect solution for their lighting project, whether it’s for residential or commercial or industrial applications. Every Lussio luminaire is carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring durability and longevity. Lussio’s commitment to delivering top-quality products is evident in their linear profiles, making them a trusted choice for architects, designers, and lighting enthusiasts alike.


Professional Installation Hardware

Quality Accessories

Lussio lighting accessories are renowned for their exceptional quality. Hardware and accessories are available for any installation scenario and custom solutions for special applications are also available by request.

Our range of accessories are consistently tested and proven, making them a trusted choice for discerning installation professionals seeking the best finish and results.

Lussio Bespoke offers a wide-ranging profile luminaire selection, for diverse design preferences and requirements. The linear luminaire profiles provide versatility and customization options to elevate any lighting project with style and precision.


Indirect Suspended

Direct Downward Suspended

Tubular Direct/Indirect

Controlled Optic Ceiling Mounted

Wall Mounted Direct-Indirect

Wall Mounted Asymmetrical

Wire Suspended Direct-Indirect

Suspended Direct Wide Distribution

Wall Downward Only

Suspended Asymmetrical

Rod Suspended Indirect

Wall Indirect Upward

Lussio Bespoke Finishes

Special surface finishes and colours are available to order. RAL powdercoated finishes, timber grain finish and special designs. Lussio’s studio creates the look and finish to match your project.




Totally Bespoke

Lussio makes linear luminaires to exacting specifications and provides immediate quoting and support services and fast turnaround times for bespoke orders.

Your project is important. This is why Lussio gives product choice, allowing you to select the best components, configuration, dimming & control solution.

Let Lussio Create Your Ideal Product

Lussio excels in creating and inventing pioneering linear LED lighting products for every scenario. Products are conceptualized and refined to a high standard. Our quality components ensures optimal functionality, aesthetics, and performance. Attention to detail, collaboration, and a commitment to excellence result in the creation of cutting-edge lighting products.


Featured Products

Tubular Linear Profile


Available in several diameters the T50 series is a tubular luminaire. Fully configurable.

Micro-Prismatic Diffuser

Multi layer prismatic diffuser options for lighting comfort and glare control within UGR16.

Stainless Steel Rod Supension

Quality rod suspension kits in aluminium powder-coated finish or solid threaded rod. Optional solid stainless steel by request.

285 Series

Lussio 285 with timber style outer finish. Custom grain and special finishes available.

757 Series L joiner Segment

For interconnecting joiner segment. L joiner. Internal illumination orientation.

802R Series

For interconnecting joiner segment. L joiner. Externalillumination orientation.

110 Series

Large profile luminaire 110x110mm with all power options up to 80W per linear mtr.

361 Wall Series

Wall mounted interior linear profile with slimline design. Direct-indirect options.

704 Series UGR

professional linear profile luminaire 70x40mm with optional URG optic.

558 Track Mounted

Lussio 558 luminaire system with track mounted configuration. Full customization options.

704 Series

Lussio 704 Series with contrasting UGR optics.

008 Series

Slimline linear luminaire with 8mm width overall. Optional wood-grain surface by request.

529 Series with UGR

Continuous linear luminaire system with directional UGR optic for glare reduction.

1107 Series

110x70mm LED profile luminaire system with directional UGR optic for glare reduction.

Custom Lengths

1107 Series

110x70mm Profile luminaire. Bespoke configurations.

558A Series

Ceiling recessed with asymmetrical orientation for task lighting and special grazing lighting applications.


90mm recessed linear luminaire with bespoke options available.

529 Profile

Lussio 529 profile luminaire. Configurable with power options up to 60W per mtr. Dimensions 50x95mm.

T70 Series

Tubular linear luminaires made to order with track mount, pendant mount or wire suspension. Several size options including D50mm, D70mm, D80mm.

529 UGR

Lussio 529 UGR system with low glare optic and multiple beam angle light distribution options.

558A Series

Ceiling recessed with asymmetrical orientation for task lighting and special grazing lighting applications.

653R Recessed

Ceiling recessed luminaire 65mm with multiple options. Continuous recessed lighting.

1107 Series

110x75mm linear profile luminaire for suspension, surface mounting. Direct-Indirect option available.

558X Series

Custom linear system can be configured with combination lighting segments. Opal diffuser paired with UGR options in any desired configuration.


Rod suspension options in solid stainless steel. Also available in aluminium with powder-coated surface, and threaded rod option.

1107 Direct-Indirect

110x75mm profile luminaire with direct-indirect configuration for up & down illumination.

368 Wall Series

Wall mounted profile for continuous illumination. Slimline available with direct-indirect configuration.

386 Suspended

50x75mm profile luminaire with slimline aesthetic with several mounting options available.

Project Orientated Solutions

Quality luminaires and lighting systems. Incorporating advanced technology, and superior quality, Lussio lighting solutions bring a new dimension of brilliance and ambience to any space. Enhance aesthetics, optimize energy efficiency, and create captivating environments with Lussio's unrivaled range of products.

Bespoke Lighting

Top-quality products trusted by architects, designers, installers alike. Lussio products deliver benefits of high-quality illumination, energy efficiency, customizable options, and innovative designs that enhance their spaces

Lighting Design Services

Lussio provides vertical professional support for lighting installers, consultants and project managers. With full scope digital tools, our team can complete simulations and designs for projects of all sectors. Contact Lussio for assistance on your project today!