How to get the best lighting for your Kitchen?

The kitchen is one of the busiest spaces in your house with a high activity volume always taking place. From cooking the traditional baked dinner to entertaining family and friends, the kitchen demands to be well lit. 

Therefore, in this post, we’ll cover the basics of kitchen lighting and what all lighting arrangements you could try for your kitchen. 

Downlights are not enough

Most kitchens feature a spread of downlights to fulfill all your lighting needs but with the lighting space-changing, we’ve seen an uplift in linear lighting creating and becoming the hero in the kitchen.

Whether you’re upgrading your kitchen or you’ve got a brand new kitchen you’ll need to consider the light levels and creating the right mood.

LED Strip lighting is a great way to spread an even amount of light in a space and can be recessed to provide that seamless look and feel. Another trend that can be seen in high-end kitchens is the suspended linear led lighting which sit above the kitchen bench providing light to space which is the masterpiece of the kitchen. By using a range of linear lighting options in contrast with the standard downlights you’ll find your kitchen now has an even spread of light and shows style and class to show off to your guests.

How many lights do you need?

As it’s the kitchen it will have many uses from cooking to study time to planning the week you’ll find this space does require the right amount of light and the right mix to create the uniformity. 

A nice suspended linear luminaire which is complimented with a spread of downlights throughout the kitchen plus the LED strip lights will form the perfect combination for beauty and usability.