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[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-chat” icon_style=”background” layout=”icon_left” title=”Step 1″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#242424″]Contact us with the details of your project or lighting application[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-copy-file” icon_style=”background” layout=”icon_left” title=”Step 2″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#242424″]We’ll prepare a detailed proposal and/or offer an itemised quotation[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-mail-open-file” icon_style=”background” layout=”icon_left” title=”Step 3″ icon_color=”#ffffff” icon_background_color=”#242424″]Your dedicated Superlight representative will help you place the order[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-tools” layout=”centered” title=”Extended Warranty & Support” icon_color=”#792e91″]Every Superlight product is covered by warranty and our dedicated team is here to help.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-clock” layout=”centered” title=”14 Day Risk Free Exchange Policy” icon_color=”#792e91″]Superlight offers all customers the option of a risk free exchange within 14 days.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-paper-plane” layout=”centered” title=”Global Capabilities” icon_color=”#792e91″]Superlight operates in every Australian state and Territory, and also has active operations in more than 10 countries worldwide.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-box2″ layout=”centered” title=”Australian Based Stockholding” icon_color=”#792e91″]Superlight holds over >30.000 units in stock for a quick turnaround.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-sun” layout=”centered” title=”Made for Australian Conditions” icon_color=”#792e91″]All Superlight products are designed to suit Australian Standards and Conditions.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-home” layout=”centered” title=”Sydney Based Production Facility” icon_color=”#792e91″]Superlight has in-house production and manufacturing facilities to provide custom lighting solutions for all projects.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-config” layout=”centered” title=”Over 7000 Product Lines” icon_color=”#792e91″]Superlight has the largest LED lighting product range with over 7000 product lines offered.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-like” layout=”centered” title=”Over 10.000 Satisfied Clients” icon_color=”#792e91″]Since 2007 Superlight has provided lighting solutions for more than 10.000 satisfied clients worldwide.[/nm_feature]

[nm_feature icon=”pe-7s-light” layout=”centered” title=”More than 1 Million LED’s Sold” icon_color=”#792e91″]Superlight has manufactured and sold more than 1 million individual LED lights since 2007[/nm_feature]