Lussio LEDNX™

Lussio LEDNX™, a revolutionary new connector system for linear lighting. Designed with efficiency and ease of use in mind, LEDNX™ dramatically reduces installation time. Its innovative design simplifies the process of aligning and connecting linear lighting elements, resulting in quicker, more efficient installations.



Installers and lighting professionals choose LEDNX™ because it is  

"by far the fastest and best linear lighting system I have ever installed"
Neil McNicol - Project Manager


LEDNX™ Overview

LEDNX™ from Lussio is a totally modular linear lighting system that is a high integrity system that saves time and improves accuracy.

The internal LEDNX™ connector ensures ultra-fast seamless connectivity to create customised lengths.

Direct Connect For Fast Assembly

With Lussio LEDNX™, enjoy the convenience of seamless, fast installations, while maintaining the high-quality illumination expected from Lussio’s product range.




Unlimited Possibilities

The modular system features linkable gear trays that re pre-wired and pre-configured which allows totally custom linear lengths to be assembled quickly and easily on site without extra wiring or special tools.

With pre-configured connectors, you can quickly and easily create right-angle bends or T-junctions, extending the adaptability of the LEDNX™ system to suit any space or architectural requirement.

Custom accessory options enhance flexibility, allowing for diverse design and layout possibilities in lighting installations. Pre-built joiners from Lussio eliminate the need for manual wiring connections or assembly on-site saving time and cost.



Linear Profile Extrusion

The LEDNX™ profile extrusion is available in any desired lengths with powder-coated finish in white, black or silver. Custom powder-coated finishes available by special request.


Pre-wired and Pre-Assembled

Main LED Boards are prewired LED boards pre-fitted to the LEDNX™ integrated gear tray including LED driver. Main LED Boards are available in 560mm or 1120mm lengths. Non Dimmable and Dimmable LED Driver options available, including DALI.


Build Any Desired Luminaire Length

Extension LED Boards are used to quickly and easily build luminaires of any desired length. Extension LED Boards connect instantly and directly to main LED Boards. Available in modular lengths of 70mm, 140mm, 280mm, 560mm.


Extension LED Boards from 70mm

The modular system includes Extension LED Boards as short as 70mm. The extrusion profile can be cut to any length. This system gives very fine control over to achieve continuous luminaires of practically any desired length.


Instant Tool-Free Connection

LEDNX™ connectors allow the LED stsrem to be extended and connected immediately. Allows rapid connection and disconnection without special tools. The LEDNX™ rapid connect system requires no wiring, soldering or third party wiring accessories or connectors.


Inter-connectable Segments

Special accessories such as, L-Joiners, T-Joiners, X-Joiners are available. Accessories can be pre-assembled with the LEDNX™ rapid connector system allowing fast and seamless assembly of complex continuous arrangements as required.


Seamless Diffusers

LEDNX™ diffuser options include opal, prismatic, and micro-prismatic configurations. LEDNX™ diffuser can be provided in single rolls up to 25mtrs in length. Diffusers are simple and to fit after the LEDNX™ segments are connected and assembled.


Aluminium Tool-Free End Caps

LEDNX™ end caps are available to order in sets of 2pcs. Uniquely designed for the LEDNX™ system they are a screw-less design, manufactured from aluminium and can be finished to match the profile extrusions. Tool-free installation.

Quality LED Components

LEDNX™ LED Boards are pre-assembled and feature OSRAM DURIS® E 2835, LEDs. The DURIS® E 2835 combines good efficacy and a wide beam angle into a compact format.

LEDNX™ modules are supplied with integrated constant current LED driver within an all-in one gear tray design. LEDNX™ driver options include Boke®, Osram® or LED Logical®. All LED drivers are covered by an extended replacement warranty.

Pre-Assembled Angle Joiners

Lussio LEDNX™ components are pre-manufactured in controlled environments, ensuring consistent and reliable electrical connections. By using standardized and tested all parts and joining accesssories, the risk of loose connections or electrical faults is minimized. This contributes to the overall reliability and longevity of the lighting system. Lussio products, known for their modular design, offer the ability to be used in projects of all sizes, ranging from small-scale installations to large-scale projects.


Highly Configurable

Wide Range of Options

Multiple configurations including power options and optics. Osram LED modules. Osram DURIS® E 2835 never fails to impress with its performance on system level.

LED drivers are carefully matched and tested before dispatch of every order. Options inc dimmable, analogue, DALI-2, DT8 tunable and more.

Pre-Assembled Angular Segments

Quick and Easy Installation: Rapid connect linear lighting systems are designed to simplify the installation process. The LEDNX™ connector options ensure swift and tool-free assembly.


Inter-connectable Modular Design

LEDNX™ Complete System

Lussio's modular products maintain consistency in design and performance across projects of different sizes. Unique inter-connectivity simplifies the installation process and eliminates the need for extensive wiring.

The standardized modules ensure uniformity in lighting quality and aesthetic appeal, regardless of whether it's a small-scale installation or a large-scale project. This consistency allows for cohesive lighting design and ensures a seamless experience for users across different spaces.

LEDNX™ high quality diffuser options include opal, prismatic, and micro-prismatic configurations. LEDNX™ diffuser can be provided in single rolls up to 25mtrs in length. Diffusers are simple and to fit after the LEDNX™ segments are connected and assembled.

Extrusion Profile Options


LEDNX™ can be configured for any desired mounting method. Specific applications are catered for, so selecting and installing the appropriate mounting option is simple.

With the ability to be mounted in any desired manner, the product allows designers and architects to unleash their creativity and achieve their vision without limitations.

Rapid interconnect of LED luminaires within the LEDNX™ system is achieved through the use of the unique LEDNX™ connector. Instant connectivity with perfect alignment and includes build-in light leakage barrier.

Mounting Methods

Lussio LEDNX is future-proof system that adapts.  As the requirements of projects may differ, LEDNX is a lighting system that suits any mounting method provides the adaptability to reconfigure the lighting as needed.