LM80 TM-21


LM-80 is the approved standard for testing and reporting on lumen depreciation/maintenance of a particular LED chip, LED array or LED light source that is incorporated into a particular Industralight LED lighting product. LM-80-08 measurement data is applicable exclusively to the LED light source package, rather than the whole luminaire or LED lighting system. The LM-80-08 standard specifically describes the testing method and measurement of the LED light source.

LM-80 test reports will typically consist of multiple data sets, each reporting the absolute luminous flux values relative to the LED drive current, over a duration of 6,000 hours and/or 10,000 hours, as set out in the LM-80-08 standard. In addition to the luminous flux, the nominal chromaticity shift will also be recorded in the data set. The measurement of the luminous flux values will be repeated across 3 different LED temperatures: 55ºC, 85ºC and a third temperature which is nominated by the LED chip or LED package manufacturer.

LM-80 itself does not provide guidance or make any recommendation regarding predictive estimations or extrapolation for lumen maintenance determined from actual measurements.

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TM-21 is a separate standard which described an approved method for extrapolating and projecting lifetime performance data using the datasets from an LM-80 test report. The TM-21 standard applies to lifetime projection of a specific LED light source, such as LED chip, LED module, LED package, LED array only. The resulting data obtained by the application of TM-21 can be combined with in-situ LED source data to establish life expectancy of LED lighting system or Industralight LED lighting luminaire.

Industralight has been manufacturing and supplying LED luminaires for more than 10 years. This is why we have such strong relationships with the world’s leading LED chip manufacturers. We maintain an extensive database of LM-80 data for all configurations of LED light source components used in Industralight LED lighting products. Get in touch today.