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bespoke curved linear lighting

Lussio Swurv™

Lussio Swurv™, an innovative series of continuous curved linear lighting. Custom made using the finest components, engineered to follow the architectural contours of any project.

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Lussio Swurv™

True to our commitment of blending design, technology, and craftsmanship, the Lussio Swurv™ product family stands at the intersection of these values, redefining the paradigms of modern illumination.

About Swurv™

These sleek, stylish lighting solutions are designed to cater to the specific needs of contemporary projects, ensuring an unmatched quality of light with the advantage of energy-efficient LED technology. Lussio can create bespoke curved arrangements according to any plan or design.

Swurv™ luminaires integrate seamlessly into various architectural environments, whether surface-mounted, recessed or suspended. A custom mounting system ensures fuss-free installation, perfectly aligning with the architectural and design needs of the project.

Lussio curved continuous lighting systems are a dynamic tool in the hands of architects and designers, helping them break free from the rigidity of straight lines and embrace a more fluid, organic design philosophy.

Curved Linear Luminaires

Lussio Swurv™ fixtures introduce the elegance of curvature to lighting design. This stylistic innovation serves as a bold departure from conventional straight-line lighting, enabling architects and interior designers to shape their spaces with a unique lighting language. The curve introduces a soft dynamism into spaces, giving a unique opportunity to play with light and shadows while also serving as an appealing visual element in the overall design scheme.


Multiple Mounting Options

A distinctive feature of the Lussio Swurv™ range is its ability to create a sense of continuity in space. The luminaires, when used strategically, can guide the viewer's eyes along a path, establishing a visual connection between different zones within a space.

Lussio Technical Drawings

Lussio Swurv™ can be made to order to follow precise designs or plans according to the needs of the project. Contact our office with your project details and allow our team to configure the best suited Lussio Swurv™ components and specifications in accordance with your needs.


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Swurv™ luminaires are meticulously crafted, adhering to our strict quality control processes. From the selection of high-grade materials to the careful attention paid to the finishes, every aspect of the fixture is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Lussio Design Team
Lighting Professionals

Bespoke Mounting Hardware

Seamless Joining Kits

Lussio Swurv™ is supplied in custom made segments which are easily fit together on site during installation. Joining kits are available for all models to ensure fast and continuous installation.

Lussio offers a full range of installation accessories and detailed instructions including special recessed brackets, wire suspension kits, rod suspension options and more.

Key Product Advantages

  • Pre-Assembled Segments
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Superior Light Transmission Diffusers
  • Direct/Indirect Option
  • Configurable Options

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Mounting Hardware

Suspension Options

Lussio offers a range of wire suspension and rod suspension mounting kits for various applications. Vandal resistant fixing options also available by special request.

Mounting hardware options vary depending on exact model and profile , so contact our office with details of your application and our team will offer the bets available options to suit.

Liussio Swurv™ is designed to meet the highest standards and all components are tested to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. The use of premium materials and robust manufacturing processes ensures the fixtures’ durability, further contributing to their safety credentials. Swurv™ luminaires are excellent for all commercial projects including offices, educational institutions, hospitality, restaurants and venues, foyers, exhibition spaces, aged care residences, commercial spaces, and many more.


Made to Order

Lussio Swurve products are designed and manufactured by experienced lighting assembly team members.

Every component and configuration is checked for correct fitment and working operation before dispatch.

Infinite Possibilities

An infinite number of shapes and designs are possible with Lussio Swurv™.  Contact the Lussio team and have your imagination and ideas turned into a reality with Lussio Swurv™.

Various Profile Sizes

Lussio offers a range of unique profile sizes and mounting options which provides ultimate design flexibility.

Custom made arrangements are available by request. Configuration options inc LED and control gear,. dimming control, special mounting options, bespoke colours and more. Contact lussio for more information.





Lussio Swurv™ is  

Swurv™ Custom Assembly
  • Made to order
  • Custom LED Fitment
  • Integral LED Control Gear

Professionally Finished
  • Bespoke Powdercoated
  • Custom LED Fitment
  • Integral LED Control Gear
Quality Components
  • Professional Components
  • Various LED and Optical Configurations
  • DALI or Analogue Control
Hardware & Accessories
  • Pre-Assembled Segments
  • Configurable Mounting Hardware
  • Full Suite Accessories