Why Suspended Linear Lighting is the First Choice for Commercial Office lighting?

Wondering what can retune your office with a fresh yet modern vibe? LED lights! Office lighting is one of the most conveniently ignored aspects that play a crucial role in defining its aesthetics. If you’re looking to turn things around while keeping it subtle, consider switching to Suspended Linear LED lighting.

What are Suspended linear lights?

These lights are characterized by hanging lighting fixtures containing rows of LEDs that form one continuous lamp. The design looks easy on the eyes and maintains a clean profile for commercial spaces. From corporate offices to production floors, everyone is opting for this design.

The composition of Suspended Linear lights allows you to get creative by mixing and matching various styles together. You can combine different lengths, shapes, colors and profiles to achieve something architecturally unique.

Let’s see why suspended LEDs are reigning over modern office spaces and commercial lighting projects.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to commercial lighting, remember that the equipment costs will be superseded by the energy costs. Most offices require to be well lit from end-to-end which means a sizeable number of lights would be installed. More the number of lights, the higher energy consumption and higher the operational costs.


LEDs come with the best energy efficiency amongst lighting alternatives when you buy from a good brand. At Lussio, we have helped so many businesses control their annual electricity costs by replacing legacy lights with LEDs.

On average, LEDs provide 30-40% cost reduction, which allows you to allocate your budget in other areas of concern.

Modern Form Factor

Suspended lights can be used to create stunning accent lighting. From illuminating a stairway or atrium to showcasing a reception desk, suspended linear lighting is used to make a statement in a variety of spaces.

Customarily, linear high bay LED lights are straight. In any case, they can likewise be formed to make bent profiles. Albeit subtler, straight profiles can be similarly attractive, especially when introduced in emotional, geometric plans.

In open-plan spaces, bent profiles are especially viable and can be utilized to make a feeling of development through space. Also, roundabout profiles are frequently used to isolate space into various territories.

Adjustable Ceiling Arrangement

Not all offices have the same ceiling height, therefore, an adjustable lighting arrangement really shines bright. You have the liberty to scale the length of the hanging chain, in order to place the lights lower or higher. This way you can have all areas properly illuminated in your office, which was our goal from the very beginning.


At Lussio, we have a wide variety of lights to meet your office lighting needs. Suspended Linear LED lights are one of our top products in this segment as they’re heavily in demand for modern office spaces. Alongside being energy efficient, this style is ergonomic and provides artistic freedom. Check out the styles now!

Imagine an LED linear ring suspended lower than the surrounding lighting. This application can create a sense of focus in particular areas and is extremely effective when installed in museums or galleries to highlight exhibits.